Iran plans to build nuclear submarines

Updated: 2012-06-13 10:14


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TEHRAN - A deputy commander of the Iranian navy announced Tuesday that Iran plans to build nuclear submarines, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported.

The navy has planned to design and manufacture nuclear submarines, Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini said Tuesday, adding that "We are now in the early stages of the project to build nuclear submarines."

"In view of the advances we are making in the related areas, we hope that we will see the use of nuclear submarines by the navy in the future," Zamini was quoted as saying.

He also said, "When we have access to peaceful nuclear technology, we are able to put the production of the propulsion system of nuclear submarines on the agenda," according to the report.

The Iranian navy aims at presence on the open seas around the world, so it needs vessels equipped with enhanced propulsion systems to enable it to expand the scope of its operations in international waters, he added.

The navy official said all countries have the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, including for enhancing the propulsion systems of their vessels.