Castros visit Hugo Chavez at Cuban hospital

Updated: 2011-06-19 09:59


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Castros visit Hugo Chavez at Cuban hospital

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro (L) and President Raul Castro (R) talk with Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez as they visit Chavez in a hospital in Havana, in this June 17, 2011 handout photo. Chavez had a pelvic abscess successfully removed on June 9 during a scheduled visit to Cuba, forcing him to postpone his return to Venezuela. [Photo/Agencies]

HAVANA - Cuban President Raul Castro and his brother Fidel Castro visited Friday Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who was recovering from a surgery in Havana, and they discussed bilateral and international issues, according to Cuba's official media on Saturday.

Cuba's official daily Granma and the website Cubadebate Saturday published four photographs of the visit, showing Chavez looks good, smiles and wears sports clothing, while Fidel wears a checkered shirt, and Raul wears his military uniform.

The meeting seemed to be in a hospital room, and Cuban media decribed the meeting as "fraternal", saying that they reviewed "the close ties between Venezuela and Cuba" and "various current international issues."

"President Chavez is recovering, (and) he meets the medical indications and maintains close coordination with the Venezuelan vice president and other ministers, aware of the main issues of his country," Granma reported.

Granma did not provide any details on Chavez's surgery or how long he would stay on the island.

Chavez arrived in Havana on June 8, but two days later he reportedly received a surgery on pelvic abscess.

Chavez reportedly has kept in contact with the members of his cabinet and instructed them on various government issues in Havana.

Venezuela's National Assembly ratified on Wednesday the requested authorization for Chavez to stay out of the country while recovering from his surgery.

Venezuela is Cuba's main political and economic ally. The two nations have signed many economic agreements.

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