Jordan arrests 103 radicals in violent clashes

Updated: 2011-04-18 07:38


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AMMAN - Jordanian security authorities announced Sunday they have arrested 103 Jihadists Salafists who clashed with police Friday, injuring over 80 of them.

"Those arrested will be referred to court to look into the crimes they committed," Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Saed Hayel Srour said in a press conference Sunday.

Labeling the assault on security forces Friday as an act of terror that seeks to harm the country's stability and security, Srour, accused the hard-line Islamists of premeditated attack on security personnel as they carried knives, daggers and batons during the clashes to harm citizens and security forces.

Srour stressed that the right of expression of opinion is guaranteed, adding: "Jordan will not allow anyone to take advantage of the atmosphere of democracy and freedom to turn dialogue and freedom of expression into an expression by batons. This is rejected and unacceptable."

Earlier in the day, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), Jordan's largest opposition party, warned the government against taking " tough security measures" in dealing with pro-reform peaceful demonstrators after radical Islamist groups injured over 80 police members in clashes Friday.

"The right to peaceful expression of opinion is protected by all legislation and international conventions... We warn against the consequences of using so-called tough security policy as this policy failed in attaining security and peace," IAF said in a statement obtained by Xinhua Sunday.

Jordan's Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit said Saturday the government will resort to tough security measures in dealing with Salafist groups who on Friday attacked the police in Zarqa.


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