Gadhafi: Foreign military actions 'can go out of control'

Updated: 2011-04-01 06:22


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TRIPOLI - Embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi warned on Thursday a military action launched by the international coalition can go out of control, accusing Western powers of harming the relations between the Libyan people.

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"They have started a dangerous issue which can not be controlled. This will be out of their control whatever destructive weapons they have," he said in a statement published by official news agency.

The world's major powers, Britain, the United States and France, started on March 19 to launch strikes from the air and sea against Gadhafi's forces after the UN Security Council passed a resolution to impose a no-fly zone over Libya.

The resolution also called for authorizing "all necessary measures" to protect civilians in Libya, an appointed reference to military operations.

Gadhafi also accused the coalition leaders of jeopardizing their nations' "vested interests" in the oil-rich North African nation by taking military actions.


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