Mubarak, his family banned from leaving Egypt

Updated: 2011-02-28 21:44


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CAIRO - Egypt's Prosecutor General Abdel- Mageed Mahmoud ordered on Monday to ban former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his family from traveling abroad, the official MENA news agency said.

He also decided to freeze the assets of the former president and his family, said MENA.

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The decision was prompted by many reports received by the attorney general's office on the accumulated fortune of the ousted president and his family inside the country, the office's spokesman Adel el-Saeed said.

The Justice Ministry's anti-graft agency has also been informed to carry out the investigations, added el-Saeed.

Mubarak was forced to step down on February 11 after 18 days of mass protests across the country against his 30-year rule. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces currently takes charge of the governance of the country.

The top prosecutor had issued orders of travel ban and assets freeze for a number of former senior officials during and after the protests.

Corruption was one of the major complaints of Egyptian protesters.

Former ministers of interior, tourism and housing, as well as a tycoon from the ruling party were arrested on February 17 over corruption allegations. Former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly accused of money laundering is to stand before a criminal court on March 5.


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