NZ quake deaths at 98, expected to hit 200

Updated: 2011-02-24 13:27


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CHRISTCHURCH - New Zealand police confirmed on Thursday that 98 people are now known to have died in the devastating earthquake in Christchurch on Tuesday while 226 people remain missing.

NZ quake deaths at 98, expected to hit 200
Cars are trapped under the roof of shops on Barbadoes Street in central Christchurch Feb 24, 2011. [Photo/Agencies] 

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New Zealand Prime Minister John Key expects the quake death toll to exceed 200.

Key confirmed there are no survivors from the Cantebury TV building in the city center and that overseas victims are among the dead. The names of some of those killed in the quake are expected to be released on Thursday night.

Key said in Christchurch that police will only release names when a positive identification has been made and the next-of-kin have been informed.



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