Coaches and teammates tweet about Yao's retirement

Updated: 2011-07-11 10:51


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BEIJING - Chinese NBA idol Yao Ming was set to retire, as confirmed by his management on Saturday.

Yao's abrupt decision saddened many of his teammates and coaches, who immediately tweeted to share with fans their feelings about Yao.

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"I was saddened to hear the news today about Yao Ming announcing his retirement for the simple reason that he loves the game of basketball and he did not get the chance to realize his potential," tweeted Yao's former Houston Rockets teammate Shane Battier. "Yao is one of my all time favorite teammates and people."

Yao's coach at the Chinese national team Bob Donewald said he would pray to keep Yao within the team. "By now everyone has seen the news that Yao has retired. The NBA is losing a great Star!!" he said. "Fingers crossed we are not done seeing him in the Team China Jersey!"

Tracy McGrady, Yao's former teammate and two-time NBA top shooter, felt disappointed by Yao's plan.

"Sad day for the NBA. Sad day for basketball around the globe. My teammate and great friend Yao Ming is retiring," he said. "I loved playing with Yao!"

"I heard Yao was retiring," commented Yao's national teammate Li Nan, "thirty-one is not a very old age. He was plagued by injuries."


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