The US should not make enemies of China and Russia

Updated: 2014-10-16 14:11


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The United States should not make new enemies for itself. If the US treats China as an enemy, it really will become an enemy. It is the same for Russia, says an article in People’s Daily.


The US Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said China and Russia are thinking of changing aspects of the current world order, established 70 years ago, and the United States must reflect on counter-measures, including military reaction to any attack aimed at US allies.

The statement shows the US’ concern, even hostility, toward China and Russia. The world order, which concerns international balance, stability and prosperity, is not something remaining static. There are irrationalities and injustices in the system. The US is the main builder of the order, as well as the main beneficiary.

The world order the US tries to maintain differs greatly from the one other countries hope to see. China does not propose to overthrow the current system, but reform it. Despite this, the US still sees China as the largest potential challenger, because of the rise of China’s economy.

Some analysts think the world order is changing. The US must be prepared for many new issues. Although the US claimed to build a new type of relationship between powers, it has not taken concrete action in this direction. On the contrary, some US politicians continuously preach theories of a China threat.

Sino-US ties will not develop smoothly. Regarding China and Russia as enemies is not in line with the US’ interest in the long run.