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Updated: 2014-10-16 07:38

(China Daily)

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Traditional Chinese culture is a dynamic, tolerant system that evolves constantly. For example, it seeks a society where everybody has good manners, yet respects the personality of every individual within the emerging concept of human rights. It praises humankind's efforts to make the natural world support its survival, yet promotes harmony between human and nature when the environment needs protection. It is self-renewal that gives a culture vitality.

Nanfang Daily, Oct 15

Reviving traditional culture does not mean wearing old-fashioned clothes or eating traditional foods; we need to absorb the useful parts from the culture to strengthen the moral principles of today's society. During this process, traditional culture will progress creatively, giving spiritual support to sustain the Chinese nation., Oct 15

Efforts to combine traditional Chinese culture with contemporary values have been going on since the start of modernization and globalization, yet much more work must be done. In the current phase of social transition, finding ways to use traditional culture to forge a common identity among different social groups remains a challenge.

Beijing Post, Oct 15

Different aspects of traditional Chinese culture have met different ends. Elements that conflict with today's concepts of freedom and equality - such as the people's unconditional obedience to the ruling class, and the idea that women are inferior to men - have been abandoned. Principles that are in line with our modern values persist, among them social justice, equality and harmonious relations with other members of society., Oct 15

Traditional culture must be taught in school so that it becomes firmly rooted in people's hearts. However, problems occur, as many teachers emphasize reciting rather than understanding, or turn cultural teaching into moral persuasion, which tends to be unpopular with pupils. It is necessary to combine the reciting of texts with understanding in traditional culture education so that pupils can grasp what they are being taught and accept it.

China Education Daily, Oct 15


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