Democratic shoes that fit

Updated: 2014-09-24 07:33

(China Daily)

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Before exercising their legal rights to vote and decide matters of common concern, the Chinese people will discuss them through the platform of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference so as to reach some basic consensus first and avoid social disintegration; that's a special form of deliberative democracy in China. That form is especially important today, because we need the common efforts of the whole society to propel the reform forward for the common good.

People's Daily, Sept 23

Democracy is a broad concept that means more than just voting. Political democracy, which is symbolized by ballot boxes, can only be realized with the support of shrinking social gaps, cultural freedom, and a social atmosphere that is conducive to discussing incidents of common concern; that's what we should be working for.

Qiao Xinsheng, professor of law at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law,, Sept 23

As early as 1937, when the Party ruled only part of China, it adopted democracy, with even illiterate persons being able to vote by putting beans into the bowl of their favored candidate. It was democracy that helped the Communist Party of China win the support of the people and succeed in the revolution 70 years ago. Today, as China stands at the crossroads again, we expect democracy to once again form common sense to support the ongoing reform, upon which hangs the future of the nation and the people.

Time Weekly, Sept 23

Democratic practice is more important than democratic principles. China has delicately designed democratic mechanisms, but in practice local governments often ignore them and act arbitrarily until the enraged people take to the streets, which causes mass incidents. Whether local governments can change their past illegal practices will be a touchstone of China's democracy., Sept 23

Stricter supervision of power is needed to prevent democracy from being reduced to just decoration. That requires China establish comprehensive, independent supervision systems, promote governance transparency, and allow the public a bigger say in supervising power. Only when power is shut in a cage can democracy be guaranteed., Sept 22

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