New model relations are based on common interest

Updated: 2013-12-04 20:14

By Li Yang (

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British Prime Minister David Cameron's attitude change toward China indicates the West has taken a more practical outlook on China, says an editorial in the 21st Century Business Herald. (Excerpts below.)

Despite domestic voices criticizing Cameron for compromising his political stance, he still cannot resist the temptation of China's development. US Vice-President Joe Biden's visit to China this week and his declaration in Japan also indicate the West is gradually changing its approach to China from a condescending attitude to a more-pragmatic style.

The White House expressed its willingness on Nov 20 to “operationalize a new model of major power relations”, and the United States should seek deeper cooperation in matters where China's and the US' interests intersect. This is the first time that the US government has acknowledged the “new model of major power relations” proposed by China long time ago.

China is undertaking more responsibilities in the world, which is governed by rules made by the West.

The West is used to controlling the world. China does not want conflict with the West and has its own interests. China needs respect, but not to be deceived and cornered. That's why Chinese leaders invented the concept of a new model of major power relations, featuring mutual respect and win-win partnerships.

The dispute over a new model of major power relations represents a new model for the new rising powers to tackle conflicts with the old powers. It also proves China does not intend to challenge the established international order or even treat the West as an enemy. However, whether China's peaceful intention about its own position can be realized depends on the joint efforts of the West and China.

The rapidly growing common interest between China and the West determines the way they treat each other will change accordingly. This trend shows Japan that it will not be that easy to use the US against China and to use China as an excuse to arm itself.

China has the power and room to resist the unfair treatment forced by the West upon it. The fact is, common interests lead to common responsibilities for the major powers.