Regulate sale of simulated masks

Updated: 2013-12-04 10:11

(China Daily)

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Investigations show that simulated human-skin masks are selling like hot cakes on the Internet. Matching makeup tutorials can also be easily subscribed to. Silica face masks, originally designed for use in the entertainment industry, have recently been used by criminals to disguise their identity, raising public concern and calling for action by the authorities, says an article in Changsha Evening News. Excerpts:

Some of the simulated masks could hide a person's identity by up to 95 percent, making it very difficult for police to identify a criminal using it. No wonder, the masks are becoming popular among criminals.

Disappointingly, the government's supervision is rather weak despite the use of such masks by criminals. According to existing regulations, these masks are categorized as toys and, hence, their sale does not breach any law. Besides, lack of legal support gives local governments little option to ban such masks.

There is thus an urgent need to strengthen the current laws to facilitate the implementation of strict rules to oversee the manufacturing, sale and purchase of such masks. For example, such masks should be sold only to people from the entertainment industry.

Also, the authorities have to gradually devise a method by which only real-name registration would get a person these masks so that those using them for nefarious activities can be identified. The idea is to regulate the market and prevent the masks from falling into the wrong hands.

(China Daily 12/04/2013 page9)