Tourists from China need to adopt better manners

Updated: 2013-08-22 21:53


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Now that they are making more money, more Chinese citizens are traveling overseas. Please behave in a respectable way and do not humiliate your own country, says an editorial in People's Daily. Excerpts:

As the average income in China continues to rise, more Chinese are traveling overseas. Many foreign surveys show that China is now an essential source of tourists to some countries.

However, getting richer does not necessarily lead to better manner. Many nations have complained about the bad manners of Chinese tourists. Spitting, cutting in lines, arguing and even fighting after minor accidents have all been attributed to Chinese tourists. Recent news reports have said that some hotels set aside special dining areas for Chinese tourists, and put up notices that warn other people about possible noise. That is a bad idea, but what our compatriots have done is not praiseworthy.

Chinese tourists' bad manners have not only offended local people, but also humiliated our own country. China, as an ancient civilization, has long been proud of its culture; bad manners will ruin that.

Constructing a positive national image is a strategic plan of the country. Don't forget that the uncivilized behavior of tourists can do permanent damage to that image. Hopefully, Chinese tourists can behave themselves to avoid further humiliation of our country.