Updated: 2013-07-24 07:22

(China Daily)

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Regulate overseas study tours

Comment on "Crash sparks concerns over camps" (China Daily, July 15)

The death of three Chinese teenagers in the Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco airport earlier this month has raised Chinese people's concern over the rush for overseas study tours. The government, too, is worried about the rapid increase in such tours in recent years and is trying to strictly monitor them, which is good news for us students.

Though some parents will now hesitate to send their children on study tours abroad, the trend is not likely to see a drastic change. Students look forward to such tours because they believe visiting Western countries broadens their vision and helps improve their communication skills. So, if the government can take some steps to regulate overseas study tours - by ensuring that tourism agencies meet the national standards, banning unauthorized programs, and implementing strict laws and regulations - the industry will function more professionally.

Furthermore, a healthy competition in the tourism industry will help improve the quality of overseas tours and provide better safety guarantees for students. After the San Francisco crash, parents expect tourism agencies to ensure the safety of their children and provide them with quality service. For instance, they want the tours to be planned in such a way that they really help students widen their horizons and improve their communication skills, instead of just taking them on a sightseeing spree.

We are looking forward to a change.

Xu Qianhui, via e-mail

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