Immature US diplomacy

Updated: 2013-07-02 08:43

(China Daily)

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It was unfair of White House spokesman Jay Carney to accuse the Chinese government of helping former CIA and National Security Agency operative Edward Snowden to leave Hong Kong. There is no evidence to prove the Chinese government's involvement in Snowden's flight to Moscow from Hong Kong, so the US accusation is groundless slander. It is similar to the US accusing China in the past of hacking American websites.

In contrast to the US' immature approach to Sino-US relations, China has remained calm. When Snowden revealed the US' criminal Internet surveillance program, China did not lash out at the US through the media.

Even after it was revealed that the US had been hacking into Chinese universities' computers and mobile phone providers' networks (among other things), the Chinese government remained calm and simply asked the US for an explanation. I would like to see the US learn from China and take a more mature approach to diplomacy.

The US is being ludicrous in trying to make it seem that China has done something wrong when the fact is that China has been wronged. The US must understand that it is no longer in a position to attack China by using false accusations.

The international community deserves an explanation from the Barack Obama administration. But since it's clear that the US cannot have any able explanation for its actions, Washington should come clean on what it has done and apologize for it.

HailChina, on China Daily Forum

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