Workers' safety comes first

Updated: 2013-06-07 09:07

(China Daily)

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A fire in a slaughterhouse in Dehui, Jilin province, killed 120 people and injured 77. And although relevant authorities have conducted specific safety inspections in densely populated places, they have come at a huge cost, says an article in Changjiang Daily. Excerpts:

Tragedies like mine accidents, fires and explosions have been reported one after another in recent times. Investigations into such accidents show that grassroots workers are more prone to getting injured or dying in such accidents.

Even the healthiest workers could become the victim of an occupational disease or industrial accident after working to exhaustion under harsh and dangerous conditions. And we know how difficult it is for workers to protect their legitimate rights and interests in case of accidents.

A report on the condition of new-generation industrial workers' spiritual and cultural life shows the three main problems they face: A monotonous cultural life because of lack of entertainment channels, a narrow dating circle, and increasing pressure of work. In fact, not only the new generation, but almost every worker suffers from mental discomfort and limited exposure to spirituality. Most workers still have to strive to make a decent living instead of being content with the arrangements.

The problem lies in the daily situation of workers. Whether or not the production environment of a factory is safe and comfortable is closely related to workers' labor rights and interests. If it is hard for the authorities to guarantee the safety of workers, it would be impossible to discuss their higher interests.