Collaboration bodes well in China's fight against AIDS

Updated: 2012-11-30 22:15


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Translated by Li Yang from Beijing News Daily

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang carefully listened to the social organizations and AIDS patients' suggestions on the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and made a number of important decisions immediately afterward in a grassroots conference on AIDS on Nov 28.

Li's frank attitude carries further meaning for China's prevention and treatment of the disease -- that the government will seek more collaboration with non-government organizations.

This intention of government will help social organizations solve many pressing problems in finance, expertise and professional-equipment shortages.

Although non-profit organizations are exempted from income tax, they still need to pay business taxes, and those taxes have no relations with their work on AIDS.

Li suggested reducing the financial burdens of those organizations, and the government should provide financial help for the social organizations by establishing special funds for them in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

As China faces more threats from this infectious disease, it is necessary for the government to cooperate with social organizations to satisfy the diversified needs of the cause. Past experience indicates it becomes increasingly difficult for the government to undertake all the jobs, and Li's remarks are also conducive to awakening the awareness of all of society in the fight against the virus.