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Obstacles block path of US-China relations

Updated: 2011-09-23 10:56


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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden highlighted the interdependence between China and the United States during his recent China visit in order to send a message of confidence and promote cooperation. Biden's "charm" and "smile diplomacy" have closed the distance between Chinese and American people.

He returned to the United States with the friendship and cooperation of the Chinese people, but what he left for the Chinese people was little more than big and empty words. Because they are used to paying lip service, Americans often say one thing and do another. The Chinese people should be become cautious and enhance their wisdom and capacity to deal with the United States.

The development of China-U.S. relations faces several unavoidable roadblocks

The first is strategic reassurance. Just as Chinese President Hu Jintao said at the meeting with Biden, China and the United States shall foster strategic reassurance and enhance their cooperative partnership. Biden also said that both sides should improve strategic reassurance and avoid strategic misjudgment. In fact, the United States is often suspicious and makes "strategic misjudgment" with China because it wants to keep the "world's No. 1" status.

Some people in the United States often look at China through colored glasses and with a Cold War mentality. Any change in China would trigger their sensitive nerves. Recently, the U.S. Defense Department issued a report on Chinese military and security development. Regardless of facts, the report criticized China's normal defense and military buildup and insisted that the Chinese mainland posed a "military threat" to Taiwan. In this instance, to foster strategic reassurance between China and the United States is still a long-term and arduous task.

Second, promises must be fulfilled. Americans are believers of pragmatism, and their words usually contain a lot of bubbles. Even U.S. President Barack Obama did not fulfill many of his promises, let alone Biden. During Biden's visit in China, the U.S. side indeed promised that it would guarantee the safety of China's investment in the United States, and the U.S. securities China has bought, but China wonders how true his words were.

According to the monthly report published on the Internet by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Treasury securities held by China had reached 1.6 trillion U.S. dollars by June of 2011. The downgrade of the credit rating of the U.S. treasury securities led to a Black Monday global stock market slump.

Alan Greenspan even made outrageous remarks, saying the United States could pay its debts by printing more U.S. dollars. We sincerely hope that the United States will not unreasonably let others share its own illness. As the biggest creditor of the United States, China has the right to require the United States to keep and completely fulfill its promises.

Third, mutual respect should be established. The United States always regards itself as the boss and tells others to do this or that arrogantly. It actually does not respect others, let alone carefully listen to others' suggestions. One thing that the people of China hate to see is the self-importance and arrogance of U.S. people. If you look through the U.S. newspapers, you could see that the United States is censuring and smearing China every single day. How can it be called mutual respect? Now, maybe it is time for the Untied States to squat down and listen.


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