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The matchmaking sham

Updated: 2011-06-29 09:17

(China Daily)

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A recent matchmaking event in Wuhan, Hubei province, required male candidates to have personal assets of at least 30 million yuan ($4.6 million) or an annual income of 1 million yuan or more and buy a 99,999-yuan ticket. Such blind dates with millionaires are now held across the country, which is not a healthy sign, says an article in Huaxi Metropolis Daily. Excerpts:

The trend of expensive matchmaking is worrying, with many agencies organizing blind dates and more beautiful women and millionaire bachelors joining the "game". The spiritual and social values that Chinese people have pursued for centuries have given way to pompous vulgarity and vanity.

To a large extent, such matchmaking events are an exchange between wealth and beauty. Chinese society may not have lost all its values, but it is evident that some deep-rooted values have suffered the vagaries of time and money.

Such matchmaking shows attack at the very root of social values. It seems that matchmaking events have become a means for material girls to "pursue their dreams".

Many would say that women are forced to "marry" wealthy men because it has become very difficult to find a good job, and skyrocketing housing prices have made life even more strenuous. But the truth is that the moment a woman makes such a choice, she loses faith in life and love.

We cannot stop the rich from doing what they want, but at least the women should be aware of the predicament awaiting them.

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