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Kidnapped Estonians plead for help on YouTube

Updated: 2011-04-21 12:16


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BEIRUT - Seven Estonian cyclists who were kidnapped in Lebanon in March pleaded with regional and world leaders to secure their release in a video posted on the website YouTube Tuesday night.

The video, which runs one minute and 47 seconds, showed seven middle-aged men dressed in cycling jackets, one of whom at the forefront of the group addressed the camera and read off a written statement.

"Addressing you, the prime minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri, the king of Saudi Arabia Abdullah (bin Abdul-Aziz), the king of Jordan Abdullah (II), the president of France Mr. Sarkozy, please do anything to help us get back home and please give (the abductors) what they have asked for ... Do everything to get us back home to our families as soon as possible," the Estonian said in the video.

"This is a really difficult situation. Please do anything, do everything what it takes to get us home," another said.

"Please help us," each of the seven pleaded at the end of the video.

Harakat al-Nahda Wal-Islah (Movement for Renewal and Reform), a previously unknown group, has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and demanded an unspecified ransom to free the seven Estonians.


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