Europe Weekly

Cover Story

Looking to East as Western demand falls

Not many Chinese consumers may associate the southeastern European country of Bulgaria with the fragrance of roses, but Alexander Draganov is out to change that.

One plus 16 is a winning combination

Tapping into each other's strength


What's news

Xi pledges China will never seek hegemony



Beijing expectant over change at EU helm

European politicians, similar to footballers vying for the World Cup in Brazil, have staged a European cup of politics to grab top seats in Brussels.

Abe leads march to a new constitution

Why statistics make poor tea leaves


Urban future

"Cities are cultural artefacts," says Tom Kvan from the University of Melbourne in Australia. "They must reflect the culture of the way people live and wish to live."

Building blocks for the perfect city

A jewel in city's crown

Success a surprise for boat engine firm


What's news

Reflections on a double act in the park

In it for the long haul

Swiss free-trade deal comes into force

Sports Special

All-embracing school of combat

The attraction of wushu's extensive and profound cultural roots in various martial arts schools has long fascinated the world, while presenting challenges to promoting it internationally due to the lack of unified standards and teaching methods.

Major styles

Balance and harmony for the body and mind

Sporting traditions


Birth of the Jade Rabbit

When young Chinese space scientists began designing the country's first moon rover, Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, their first drawings could well have been taken from a textbook of elementary geometry.

Strokes of genius

May the best insect win


Cross-border publishers find new plot

In an age when machines do translations almost instantly, it may seem that publishing books in multiple languages around the world would be a snap.

Bridging the cultural divide

X - Ray

The uncomfortable side of tradition

A recent graduation ceremony made news not because of who made the speeches or what was said, but because of what everyone wore.


Dance of the culture vultures

Traditional music is played through a public sound system to more than 1,000 people who form a number of concentric circles and begin a traditional dance.



The sudden downfall of a top-flight general

China's ruling party says there will be no tolerance of corruption in the Party and the military, no matter how high ranking an official, after a top-level military general was expelled from the Party on the eve of its birthday.


Last Word

Accolades for China's years of progress

The "successful Chinese model" is increasingly being copied by other countries, an expert on EU foreign policy says.



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