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Outbound ventures

Carmaker Dongfeng Motor Company is the latest Chinese company to drive up the world's second-largest economy's outbound investment.

Europe more open than US, says chamber chief

Dragon tells tale of a shift in business

Europe prime destination for capital

Waiting for the juggernaut to overtake the train


What's news

Neighbors keen to open trade corridor


Time to celebrate? Not quite yet

Chinese trade has got off to a sterling start this year. The value of exports was $207.13 billion last month, a rise of 10.6 percent year-on-year, compared with a rise of 4.3 percent in December. The value of imports rose 10 percent to $175.27 billion, the highest increase in six months. The total value of trade rose 10.3 percent year-on-year to $382.4 billion.

China on the road to trade excellence

Chinese currency on the up and up

Free trade zone is a test bed for renminbi

Getting right fit is harder than it looks

Government 2.0 has work to do

To stop corruption you first need to swat flies


Businesses set to cash in on baby boom

Businesses in China are banking on a billion-dollar baby boom in the wake of the nation's newly relaxed family planning rules, with private sector operators from industries including healthcare and infant nutrition already increasing capacity for a surge in demand.

Inland city becomes a showcase for the world


What's news

Hollande courts Chinese investors

China's aviation school banks on global ties

Dongfeng jumps into front seat

Chinese market offers better times

China jumps aboard the chocolate express

Huge servings to be had in movable feast


Chollywood goes arty

The winning of the top prize at a prestigious international film festival by a Chinese submission may speak as much about the state of Chinese cinema as the international perception of a certain body of Chinese work.

Batches of bachelors

Feeling filthy about the filthy rich


Golfing great is awed by China progress

The golfer Gary Player, who has designed eight golf courses in China, and with another five in the pipeline, says it is only a matter of time before the country produces a world-dominating player of its own.

Days and nights at The Opera

X - Ray

Wisdom of the printed page

On a flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai, an Indian engineer noticed row after row of Chinese passengers deep into their iPads, playing games or watching movies. None was doing any reading.


Here's looking at you, kid

Last year on Jan 8, Zhang Yingnan became a father. Since then, he has focused his camera lens on his son and his wife Tao Lanying.





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