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Transport system put to test


3 routes in sight; 1 of them is a winner

Is this the year in which China can convince the skeptics that it can make the transition to a modern, high-productivity economy? Or will powerful vested interests block change, prolonging structural weaknesses in the economy as aging places a growing burden on the country, and the environment degrades further?

Bungled new IPO rules result in red faces

Debt pressures need to be handled with care



"Traditional PC vendors are no longer our top rivals. Our next step is to challenge Apple and Samsung in the portable consumer electronics sector."

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Fosun buys Portugal's largest insurer

China aims to open up procurement market

Outlook strong, but some bumps ahead

On the road to growth

Davos Forum

China makes its mark in Davos

Two recent significant developments will help put China under the spotlight among the global shakers and movers when they meet in the Swiss ski resort of Davos over four days from Jan 22.

Plenty of potential for crises


Migrants feel pain of separation

Long-term separation from family members has become a top reason for migrant workers to consider quitting their jobs, a survey shows. This poses many problems for companies in maintaining an efficient and stable workforce, it says.

Frostbite brings father home

That elusive taste

The morning after: Regrets, I have a few


In her master's footsteps

A back injury led Rose Oliver to tai chi, which led her to her husband and then took both of them to China. But three years after moving to Shanghai in 2000 to pursue their dream, Oliver's husband died, leaving her alone to follow their shared passion for tai chi.

X Ray

When the crowd bays for blood

Renowned filmmaker Zhang Yimou has found himself in deep water. Not only has he been fined 7.48 million yuan ($1.24 million; 907,000 euros) for violating the family planning policy, but many Chinese want even harsher punishment. The tidal wave of malignancy as displayed online is nothing short of unsettling. It's like a virtual lynching.


Last Word

Commercial center to rise from the dust

Eight months after a Chinese company announced plans to transform a derelict dock in East London into a business center that hosts the European headquarters of Chinese businesses, it says it is making rapid progress to deliver on its promises.



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