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China and Europe ride the smart wave

Many Chinese cities are now focusing on improving air quality and providing smart services to their citizens to grow their municipal economies, while achieving the country's five-year plan targets for a 17 percent cut in carbon emissions and a 16 percent cut in energy consumption. In cities where new models of sustainable urban planning recognize the role of energy saving and environmental protection as critical components, city officials are exploring new ways of financing, integrating and encouraging the use of innovative smart eco-technologies.

English-test changes make great sense

Efficient market, effective government

The early bird catches the SOE worm

An outline that can make a big difference

Smog crisis tries the limits of people's patience


Foreign firms still favor east side

Despite rising costs in recent years, China's eastern region remains a strong attraction for foreign investors, thanks to its well-developed industrial facilities and infrastructure, as well as easy access to the domestic market, businesspeople say.

Investment growth triple that of GDP


IN BRIEF (Page 18)

Chemical brothers bond for strength

New-age outlook in age-old Hunan

On the right road back to nature


Bolt from the blue as pigeons race east

A Belgian bird called Bolt was recently sold for a world record price of 310,000 euros ($425,000), the price of a desirable residence in Brussels.

Fancier times for Chinese lofts

Passion for the piano

Mouthwatering treat


Zen and the art of Xu

Chinese artist Xu Bing celebrates the majesty of nature as the greatest force and resource given to humankind.

Advice about China on a plate

X Ray

Who's being taken for a ride?

Almost everyone loves low public transport fares and other subsidized services, but responsible citizens should consider the cost of such pricing policies


In the realm of the virtual

Whether it is a blessed friend or a cursed nuisance, for Chinese the smart phone is never far away



Last Word

The man most likely

He could be the next president of the European Commission, arguably the most powerful job in the European Union.



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