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Bitter Pill

In London's Chinatown, a poster in Chinese urges customers to stock up on traditional and other patent Chinese medicines before an impending ban on patented TCM products from next year.

TCM needles point the way

Healthy alternative proves popular

Not the right prescription

Testing times ahead for TCM

EU - China the next years



"The 35 billion yuan ($5.7 billion) of online sales on Nov 11, Singles' Day, is barely enough to buy several parcels of land."

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"We are seeking opportunities to open duty-free shops in Southeast Asian markets like Cambodia to expand our global presence."

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PBOC to let yuan float more freely

FDI grows steadily amid reform drive

Car workers raise the standard

Free top-class tuition at a touch

Policy shift gives birth to optimism


China seeks new regional growth points

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's upcoming trip to Romania and Uzbekistan is expected to explore new areas of practical cooperation with countries in the two regions and promote common development.


Securing a woman's world

Lulu was asleep when the intruder broke in, tied her up, blindfolded her, threw her in a car trunk and drove away. When the 28-year-old awoke in a strange place, she had to free herself from her ropes and find her way home. She succeeded. Lulu had monitored the car's movements from the trunk, noticing when it turned and stopped. It wasn't an actual kidnapping but rather a drill for the bodyguard in training.

Flight versus fight

Facing change

Best way to be a snob


Turning point in bilateral trade

The current round of negotiations between China and the European Union in Beijing will have a far-reaching impact on bilateral trade ties and pave the way for an investment agreement between the two sides, experts say.

Business leaders want better Sino-EU ties


Sharp eye for the human soul

Steve McCurry's photographs have become modern icons. Eloquent, riveting and beautiful, their poetry penetrates to the very heart of the subject.

X Ray

Feel-good stories ask questions of us all

Two tales in two cities, one American and one Chinese, testify to shared humanity


Signs of the times

Since 1978, when the reform and opening-up policy was put forward at the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chinese people's concept of fashion has changed day by day, as new messages and ways of life inform their thinking.


Changing China

Last Word

Thousands of human stories not told

China's involvement in Africa has been steep learning curve for diplomats, businesses, says academic



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