Europe Weekly

Cover Story

Private push

Increasing number of Chinese companies spreading their wings abroad, especially in Europe and Africa.

Getting ready to take big strides

Going overseas is key for development

Understanding cultural nuances

Private firms can bloom globally


Real potential of Sino-Turkish ties

Among the dynamics reshaping Eurasia, the "world continent" spanning from Europe to the Far East, the transformation of Sino-Turkish relations does not get the attention it deserves.

Collaboration key to progress

How fast firms dodge retail price wars

The unseen cost of corruption

Structural adjustments vital for development


More than skin deep

The public has not seen the face of the woman who is perhaps China's most famous cosmetic surgery recipient. That is because the woman, who uses the pseudonym Pink Baby, wears a surgical mask when she appears on TV - not only to protect her identity but also because she says she has been disfigured by more than 200 plastic-surgery operations since she was 16.

Hooked on the scalpel

Dream chasers

Contests full of character


Scaling up

When their Beijing contracts expired, architects Karin Hepp and Andi Thomczyk had the option of returning home to Europe, to take up offers of secure and well-paid jobs.

Captain marvel's big plan

X Ray

Lost for words

Amidst the numerous incarnations of singing contests that hog China's television screens, one show stands out for its originality (it's not based on an imported program format) and also for its educational value. It is a show about the dictation of Chinese characters. Surprisingly, it is fun and full of suspense as well.


Beautiful China

Photographers from 10 countries find the true beauty of China with their lens

Snapshots: Shaanxi


Last Word

All hands on the board

Chinese banks are championing a unique corporate governance structure that could provide lessons for both Western and emerging markets, says Didier Cossin, professor of finance and governance at Switzerland's IMD Business School.



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