Professional, transparent - and lucky

Updated: 2011-08-05 11:35

By Zhang Yuchen (China Daily European Weekly)

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 Professional, transparent - and lucky

 A member of China-Dolls worked to raise money for the small NGO by selling new year's cards last winter. Provided to China Daily

China-Dolls might be one of the "small NGOs with efficient managers" that are attracting more attention from donors.

Wang Yiou, its founder and director of the organization, describes it as a "center for rare disorders". It aims to help those who are afflicted with various conditions, especially osteogenesis imperfecta, also called brittle bone disease. Wang is one of them.

Wang considers "professional standards and transparent financial reports" the keys to maintaining the organization's development. "We publish financial reports on our blog every month," she says, and she and her colleagues try to use the money it receives efficiently.

China-Dolls has operated without a legal identity since its founding in May 2008. Then Wang met Li Liguo, the minister of civil affairs.

China Central Television interviewed both of them in March for a program on grassroots charities and how the ministry could help them.

Wang didn't hesitate to tell Li during the show that the lack of a legal identity and funding were the two major problems for her organization. Li replied by saying it shouldn't be a problem to help China-Dolls with the registration.

Not long after, the organization got its registration certification.


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