Romance by the sea

Updated: 2011-07-01 10:29

By Liu Lu (China Daily European Weekly)

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Romance by the sea
3. Russian Street

Russian Street is one of the few prominent places where it is possible to get a glimpse of Dalian's colonial past.

Walking in this 430-meter-long street, consisting of 20 Russian and European style buildings, makes one feel as if he or she is taking a stroll in an exotic European town.

Tourists can explore this street on foot or by carriage. Duty-free shops, supermarkets, antique stores and painting shops that sell East European goods line the street.

Occasionally, Russian artists performing acrobatics and ballerinas may be found dazzling crowds in street.

And as a culinary bonus the street is packed with restaurants serving different European cuisine.

4. Jinshitan National Holiday Resort

It is also known as the Golden Pebble Beach National Resort and famed as a museum of geographical structure with many naturally formed strange-shaped rocks.

Jinshitan also serves the high-end recreational needs of some and features an international boat club, a golf course, a hunting ground and a fishing club. Hotels and villa blocks have been built in the area.

Taking a pointer from Madame Tussauds, organizers have set up a house of wax that displays lifelike celebrities.

5. Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Tiger Beach Ocean Park is the largest modern ocean amusement park in China.

It is a multifunctional recreational center consisting of Tiger Beach Park, the Polar Marine Animal World and the Birds Forest.

Polar Marine Animal World has the world's largest display of these unique creatures.

In this museum you can not only see cute dolphins, lovely penguins and polar bears, but also beluga whales, sea otters and sea elephants.

The park also has Asia's largest coral reef on display.

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