Updated: 2011-07-01 10:27

(China Daily)

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Li Keqiang 

"Inflation is spreading all over the world, and it needs both developed and emerging economies to strengthen coordination when making macroeconomic policies. Different countries should work together to fight globally soaring inflation."

---- LI KEQIANG, vice-premier, saying in his address at the Second Global Think Tank Summit in Beijing that China is under heavy inflationary pressure that is affecting economic development.

"To restart the approval procedure in one year is the optimistic estimate, but the country will definitely lift the suspension in two years."

---- ZHENG YUHUI, director of the research center of the China Nuclear Energy Association, saying in a recent interview that the country may readjust its nuclear power strategy.

Han Changfu 

"Efforts should be intensified to improve school conditions in rural areas, especially in poverty-stricken areas, and raise enrollment of rural girls."

---- HAN CHANGFU, minister of agriculture, speaking at the 37th Session of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Conference for protection of women's rights and interests.


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