Let us date in London

Updated: 2013-10-17 16:31


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The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, specially invited TV celebrity Meng Fei, a host of Chinese dating show, to launch the first official Chinese-language website promoting London on Monday, the Yangtze Evening News reported.

The reason why Meng Fei was invited is because his dating show once set off an outsize reaction among local people when the show sent a production team to London to film a British special in 2011.

Boris said that he hopes Meng Fei's dating show If You Are the One can film in London again and joked that his younger brother needs to go out on blind dates.

Also, London's Chinese-language Website www.London.cn will offer online registration for contestants to sign up for the show.

"The show If You Are the One welcomes single men and women in the UK to join in," the Yangtze Evening News quoted Meng Fei as saying.

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