Comparative Study on Similarities and Differences between Chinese and American Hero in Movie

Updated: 2013-10-09 15:19

By Wanying Zheng (

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3. The differences between Chinese and American heroism in movie

Comparative Study on Similarities and Differences between Chinese and American Hero in Movie

Every society creates its own hero. The characteristics in one culture can't be duplicated in another. Such a divergence comes from the different definitions of hero in different cultures. What kind of person can be seen as a hero? The answers arevarious in different cultures.

In American movies, firstly, heroes have all kinds of personality, with both advantage and disadvantage. In Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow can defeat the canning merchant, savage killers, and use his wisdom to protect his lover. However, he can't resist the temptation from neither money nor beauty. Heroes in American movies are not totally perfect, and are not identical with each other. They have their own personality.

Secondly, heroes in American movies always have intense emotion. They love their families a nd have strong responsibility to them. Also, the humors they expressed in dangerous situation often leave deep impression on the audience. In Kungfu panda, the panda, Abao, not only have perfect Kungfu, but also have a deep love to his father, master, and friends. His sense of humor and a little bit silly is one of the most attractive elements in this movie.

Thirdly, before their success, heroes in American movies always experience lots of difficulties. This is because that fighting with failure is always considered as a capability to become a hero. In Cowboy and Alien, before defeating the aliens, Jake Lonergan has experienced lots of misfortunes, such as losing memory, misunderstood by the people in the country, betrayed by his fellows. But finally he overcomes all these difficulties and earns the trust from people in that village.