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Updated: 2013-09-25 09:18

(China Daily)

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Tim began by working as a photographer. Taking photographs for him is as natural as walking or talking. It is part of the rhythm of his daily life.

If Tim is not carrying a camera or using his phone to make a picture, then an assistant is photographing. At the end of the day the pictures are filed and stored, just as the conversations are recorded.

Mark Holborn, curator

When he first started working with me, Tim was only an assistant art director. I am astonished by what he has achieved afterward and appreciate it very much.

John Woo, film director

Of all the art directors I've worked with, Yip is surely not the easiest one to work with. He often created some unexpected 'situations', but he is also the one who communicated with me the most in an abstract way. This is sometimes quite a challenge for the directors, but also a great inspiration.

Ang Lee, film director

Viewing Tim's creations is like reading a book. What you have in front of you is a cultural experience, a field of vision, a dialogue with your heart and an exploration into the depth of your soul.

Wu Hsing-kuo, Taiwan-based actor, traditional Chinese opera performer and drama director

What they say

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What they say