Outside The Matrix

Updated: 2013-07-09 09:57

By Liu Wei (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Outside <EM>The Matrix</EM>

Keanu Reeves. Photo provided to China Daily

Chen impressed Reeves with a story about his master. Chen says his teacher would use a handful of seeds to lure birds. He would collect the birds' chi when they ate from his hand and couldn't fly away.

The word chi appears frequently in the film.

Reeves regards it as a life force.

The master in his film says: "If you don't learn to control your chi, it could be destructive. Power and control are both important."

The plotline hinges on tai chi's balance.

The protagonist struggles to equalize his dark and bright sides, his respect for tai chi and his aspirations for money and fame.

"When he wins fights, he is losing something," Reeves says about the role.

As for Reeves' actual dark side: "I hug my dark side. I give it affection. I try to keep it quiet."

Riding motorcycles and performing rock music are his ways of finding inner peace, he says.

Kung fu could become another because it connects people to their bodies and involves frequent meditation.


Outside <EM>The Matrix</EM> Outside <EM>The Matrix</EM>
Outside <EM>The Matrix</EM>

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