Chinese filmmakers will eventually get Oscars: specialist

Updated: 2013-07-08 11:15


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LOS ANGELES -- Chinese filmmakers will eventually make their impact on Hollywood as they advanced along the Academy Awards trail, but not necessarily in the form of purely Chinese-made, Hollywood special effects master Richard Anderson told Xinhua.

Chinese filmmakers will eventually get Oscars: specialist

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"It will happen eventually, it will happen," said Anderson, the Oscar winner who was responsible for making sound effects behind such box-office hits as the 1981 tentpole "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Anderson, who is also known as a successful director and screenwriter, has worked with a number of Chinese filmmakers including Jackie Chan.

China has produced some good films, he said. As regards to an annual Chinese film festival in Los Angeles, Anderson noted that some of the films aroused his interest.

The drama "Northern Navy" directed by Feng Xiaoning was very interesting, he said. It tells the founding of China's first modern navy in the late 1800s. "I knew nothing about that period. I never knew China had a modern navy at that time." said Anderson. "The film's visual effects are pretty good too."

Referring to China's decision to widen annual quota on imported Hollywood films to 34, Anderson pointed out that the Chinese filmmaking industry has embarked on a path of an increasingly closer coproduction with Hollywood.

"The Americans are interested in China," he said. "Just like most Chinese people haven't been here, most Americans haven't been to China. So, movies are a good way to see the rest of the world."

"Throughout history Hollywood has got the best actors, directors and filmmakers from around the world. Recently we've been introducing Chinese directors like Ang Lee and John Woo. The Chinese filmmakers, actresses and actors are starting to come here," Anderson said.