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Updated: 2013-05-22 09:24

(China Daily)

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In the movie I play Meng Xiaojun, a confident, US-educated dream chaser and challenge embracer. To me Chan is very much like the character, who has persistently and passionately chased his dreams and fulfilled them by making movies.

Deng Chao, actor in American Dreams in China.

We are both pessimistic, that's for sure. I think he is more pessimistic than me, but also more romantic We will use humor and comedy to sugarcoat the outside but it's dark on the inside, but not totally dark.

He is not a quick decision maker. He is demanding. When everyone thinks it is OK, he still has to think. It is very difficult to get his approval.

Aubrey Lam, scriptwriter of Wuxia, The Warlords and Perhaps Love.

He works really hard on his Mandarin. I think he speaks the best Mandarin among Hong Kong directors.

He has been keen on the mainland market and what audiences want, which I believe is the foundation for a director's success, at least box office success here.

Han Sanping, chairman of China Film Group.

Peter knows exactly what he wants. He is a real auteur director. Cinema for him is not pure entertainment, but a reflection of a piece of his life.

Samson Chiu, Hong Kong director, who worked with Chan on Perhaps Love and Golden Chicken.

(All quotes, except from Deng Chao's, come from Chan's biography My Way published in 2012.)