Hit drama seeks new home on an American TV channel

Updated: 2013-03-25 10:02

By Liu Yuhan in New York (China Daily)

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A potential fan is Steve Garcia, a graduate student of political science whose minor is in Chinese language at California State University, Long Beach.

"I'd be thrilled to watch the TV series in America if it'll be broadcast on American channels," says Garcia, who has studied Chinese for a year and a half. "It's very difficult to watch these types of Chinese TV dramas" in the US.

"I just watched a Chinese show, Empire of Silver, through Netflix last week, and I look forward to more shows of its kind because they help me understand more about Chinese culture and language."

Amid speculation over the series' US prospects, people who follow the entertainment industry point out the difficulty of any show getting picked up for television.

Claus Mueller, a New York correspondent for FilmFestivalToday.com, says the show's success in China doesn't guarantee anything. He suggested that pay channels that cater to the Chinese-American community might be a better fit for the drama.

"Success depends in part on how it is placed. Mainstream channels or networks have become more cautious or risk-averse since their audience is shrinking each year," says Mueller, who has served as a judge for the international Emmy awards and as a curator for film festivals.

"Placement on a specialized cable channel that incorporates foreign productions and has an upscale viewership is more likely to be successful," he says.

"Here we have the Sundance Channel and the Independent Film Channel, which provide more foreign material. Other outlets are subscription networks or over-the-air stations in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, which are aimed at the Chinese-American audience."


Hit drama seeks new home on an American TV channel

Hit drama seeks new home on an American TV channel

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