History alive and kicking at 2013 Oscars

Updated: 2013-02-19 10:31


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It's also a film that, for better or worse, may stand for years as the definitive version of the bin Laden mission.

"We watched all the news coverage of the killing of Osama bin Laden. But we did not have those front row seats and a movie is much more memorable than the president of the United States standing by the podium and describing it," said Thompson.

History alive and kicking at 2013 Oscars

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History alive and kicking at 2013 Oscars

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History alive and kicking at 2013 Oscars

Affleck wins directors award for 'Argo' 

"Until another Osama bin Laden movie is made, 'Zero Dark Thirty' is probably going to be one of the dominant ways in which that event is remembered."

"Argo" director Ben Affleck sees his movie as "eerily current," despite being set more than 30 years ago. Based on a real CIA mission soon after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, it recounts the rescue of six US diplomats from the Canadian embassy in Tehran using an unlikely Hollywood movie cover story.

Noting the unrelenting political tensions between the United States and Iran, Affleck told reporters in January: "I think we are feeling a bit frustrated as a country, and this was a time when the CIA and the Canadians went out and got something right."

All four films have been accused of taking liberties with historical accuracy. But pop culture expert Thompson said movies shouldn't be judged like journalism or history books.

"The great thing about art is that it turns data into a valuable experience. We want art to be working on this material," he said.

Dave Karger, chief correspondent for Fandango.com, said the Academy has always gravitated toward stories drawn from real life.

"I don't think it's a conscious choice, but I do think there is something appealing to most Academy voters in these quintessential American stories," Karger told Reuters.

The Oscar Best Picture nominees are rounded out by musical "Les Miserables," shipwreck tale "Life of Pi," French-language drama "Amour," mythological indie film "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and quirky comedy "Silver Linings Playbook".

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