Cheryl Cole to buy house with Tre

Updated: 2012-11-14 13:39


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Cheryl Cole to buy house with Tre

Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway are set to buy a house together in Los Angeles.

The Girls Aloud star and the back-up dancer have been dating for around six months and have decided they want a permanent base in Tre's native city and don't want to waste money on renting.

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So on a recent trip to California, they looked at several houses and are about to put in an offer on a four-bedroom beachfront property.

A source told heat magazine: "They've been talking about renting a property together in LA, as Tre's studio apartment is nowhere near big enough for the two of them. Then, shortly before their recent trip to LA, Cheryl suggested they just buy a place instead of wasting money on a rental. They both agreed it was very soon, but, at the same time, they're crazy about each other and have already spoken about marriage and babies, so why not? They are being sensible, though and Cheryl said that she would buy the property and Tre could contribute to the mortgage for the first couple of years, so it would be technically hers. She has her lawyers involved in drawing up the contracts."

Cheryl - who hails from Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England - will split her time between the UK and LA and is looking forward to spending some time in the sun once the Girls Aloud reunion tour is over next March.

The source added: "Once Cheryl's tour with Girls Aloud is over next year, she wants to take some time off. She's already picturing her and the dogs on the deck, and says she'd spend more time in LA if she had her own place."