Nicole Scherzinger wants a big family

Updated: 2012-09-03 10:40


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Nicole Scherzinger wants a big family

Nicole Scherzinger wants a big family.

The 'X Factor' judge is dating Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton and admitted she hopes to have lots of kids in the future and is looking to Gary Barlow, her co-star on the ITV1 show, for advice.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I definitely want kids. I come from a big family. Family is so important to me. It's everything.

"Gary is brilliant. I didn't really know him before. I think I really liked him the day I found out he won Celebrity Dad Of The Year.

"The pride he takes in his family and children -- he's a true gentleman. He's a lovely, honest human. And he's a great dad. All he does is talk about his family. I love that."

Nicole also admitted Gary's popularity with his fans took her by surprise.

She said: "He's just a grade A human. It kind of sucks. He puts us all to shame.

"I thought I was something special until I came on the show. I thought the fans were waving at me but they just knocked me aside to take pictures of Gary. I was like, 'Really? That's what's happening now? All right, I'll take the picture of you with Gary'.

"He's going to be knighted. It just sounds right -- Sir Gary Barlow."