January Jones dyes his hair red

Updated: 2012-06-19 10:19


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January Jones dyes his hair red

January Jones has dyed her hair red.

The 'Mad Men' actress is almost unrecognisable after opting for an auburn hue.

She was spotted on Father's Day in Malibu, California sporting the new longer style, which is a departure from her usual short blonde locks.

As well as a colour change, it appeared as if January was wearing extensions to achieve the added length and volume.

In March this year she donned hot pink highlights.

It is unclear whether the actress has changed her look for a role.

She was last spotted wearing her usual blonde bob - which is associated with her television character Betty Draper - last week at the Young Hollywood Awards.

The 34-year-old actress gave birth to nine-month-old son Xander in September and she is having a great time looking after her little one.

She said: "I have nothing in common with Betty when it comes to mothering. I am enjoying myself so much, whereas I don't think Betty sees the fun in it. She sees it as a burden and an inconvenience, she's just not good at it."