Geri Halliwell wants George Michael for 'X Factor''

Updated: 2012-05-25 16:51


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Geri Halliwell wants George Michael for 'X Factor''

Geri Halliwell wants George Michael on 'X Factor'[Photo/Agencies]

Geri Halliwell wants to recruit George Michael as her celebrity helper on 'The X Factor'.

The Spice Girls star says she doesn't want to bring in a star who she will pretend is her friend as some talent show judges do.

Instead she plans on asking her longtime friend and Wham member to accompany her at the judges' houses stage.

She told The Sun: "Whoever I bring in as my guest helper will be authentic to me. It wouldn't be rent-a-celeb."

"I'd possibly ask George as that feels authentic. It would either be him or my mum."

The performer insisted her parent is a good choice because she is a regular woman and that's the kind of person who the music would be marketed towards.

The former Ginger Spice added: "When I was auditioning for my new band I would have a normal person look at it because that's who I make music for, normal people."

She also revealed that she wished the talent show had been around when she was trying to carve out a career.

Geri said: "My mum was a cleaner, we didn't have money for stage school, so I'd have entered the X Factor. I love it for that reason."