Aaron Kwok promotes 'Cold War' in Beijing

Updated: 2012-04-25 17:26


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Aaron Kwok promotes 'Cold War' in Beijing

The actors of "Cold War" Aarif Lee(Left), Tony Leung Ka-fai(Middle) and Aaron Kwok. [Photo/Mtime.com]

A press conference for the upcoming gangster film "Cold War" was held in Beijing on Tuesday, April 24, Mtime.com reports.

Lead actors Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Ka-fai attended the event and shared their feelings about the filming experience with the movie fans in attendance.

In addition to the film's veteran actors, "Cold War" also features young actors Aarif Lee and Eddie Peng in supporting roles.

"There hasn't been a screenplay this brilliant for a long time in the Hong Kong film industry," said the lead roles during the press conference.

"Cold War" is a crime-thriller which tells an interlinked story involving the police, undercover cops and mindless thugs. The storyline is incredibly broad but also very elaborate, covering the entire Hong Kong Police force.

Tony Leung plays an irritable cop in the film, a departure from the usual characters portrayed in Hong Kong gangster films. "Aaron and I are both high-level police officers but with very different personalities, which help to create a great deal of intrigue. I enjoyed working alongside him so much," said Leung.

Aaron Kwok had originally halted his acting career to prepare for his pop concert, but was unable to turn down the offer to act in "Cold War" due to the script being so compelling. Kwok was willing to take time out from his busy rehearsal schedule and sleep less in order to be involved in the film.

The film will be screened during the summer holiday slot on mainland.