Wowfly glasses-free 3D TV debuts at the Great Hall of the People

Updated: 2012-03-23 17:52

By Ye Jun (

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Deputies and media representatives were attracted this year at the Great Hall of the Poeple to live broadcast of the annual National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference on a 55-inch Wowfly glasses-free 3D TV. Placed at the media center of People’s Daily Online, the TV displays with 3D effect, which people don’t need to wear glasses to watch.

It is the first time a glasses-free 3D TV is used to report the Congress and the Conference. Two such TV sets, one 55 inches, another 42-inch, were installed in the lobby and in the live broadcast room to display pictures of the events live.

The 3D TV sets are produced by Zhejiang Wowfly Industrial Co.,Ltd. According to Zhang Qiang, CEO, the company has focused on the research, production, sales and content supply of glasses-free 3D displayer. As a company covering the entire production line of the industry, Wowfly provided glasses-free 3D displaying solution for companies both inside China, and in Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Zhang says, apart from 3D displayers, the company will introduce glasses-free 3D tablet computer, mobile phones and TV sets. In term of content provision, the company has realized conversion from 2D to 3D, compatible display of glasses 3D programs, both on screen and online, and real-time conversion from 2D to 3D. The company also has a professional team to shoot, process and compose 3D content.

With the screening of blockbuster films such as Avatar, 3D displaying technology become a hotspot. China’s Central TV station CCTV initiated a 3D channel early this year. A common belief in the industry is that glasses-free 3D TV is more convenient for consumers. Zhang Qiang says Wowfly TV sets, tablet computers, and mobile phones will soon be available on the Chinese market.