Film faces sensitive issues head on

Updated: 2012-02-08 14:01

(China Daily/Agencies)

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Film faces sensitive issues head on

Child molestation and teen pregnancy are topics rarely discussed in Chinese cinema. But Chinese writer-director Huang Ji says she wants her new film to realistically reflect these real-life situations.

Huang's feature debut Egg and Stone is the only film from the Chinese mainland to compete for the Tiger Awards at this year's International Film Festival in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. It won the Hivos Tiger Award, the festival's organizers announced on Feb 3.

Egg and Stone tells about the suffering and struggles of a teenage girl who gets pregnant after being sexually abused by a relative.

Huang said that the story was partially based on her own experience, recalling that she was molested by a distant relative when she lived in an uncle's home at the age of 8. Upon realizing how widespread and serious the issue is, she decided to make a film about it to raise public awareness.

None of the actors featured in the film are professionals. As Huang puts it: "Their acting is more genuine. Their motions and words are their own and leave no trace of forced acting. I want to tell a solid, complicated and nuanced story through the actors' uncontrived performances."

She believes this enables the feelings and emotions expressed to be more real than in real life.