Another 'Spider-man' actress sidelined by injury

Updated: 2011-03-23 10:13


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Yet another performer in the trouble-plagued Broadway musical "Spider-man Turn Off the Dark" has been sidelined by an injury suffered on stage, a spokesman for the show said on Tuesday.

Actress T.V. Carpio, who replaced Natalie Mendoza in the role of Arachne when Mendoza was felled by a concussion, was injured on Wednesday last week during an onstage battle scene, Rick Miramontez said in a statement.

"On doctor's orders, she will be out of the show for the next two weeks. America Olivo will be performing the role of 'Arachne' during this time," he said.

The much-delayed musical, the most expensive in Broadway history, was hit last month by the U.S. Department of Labor with three serious violations of workplace safety rules for a string of cast member injuries late last year.

Its most recent opening date of March 15 was again put off until June, after director Julie Taymor was relieved of day-to-day duties and a new team was brought in to help with restaging the show, whose troubled history has already achieved legendary status.

Critics went ahead and reviewed it in early February, citing one of the producers' previous scheduled debut dates, and were scathing in their assessments of the production.


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