Macao Light Festival delights visitors

Updated: 2015-12-07 14:03


Macao Light Festival delights visitors

A couple taking picture in front of the lighting dome. [Photo/IC] 

The lighting ornament show will be displayed in nine sites, and the interactive game includes a bicycle race competition and a reindeer race competition at the Cirentang, a starlight praying activity at A-Ma Temple.

There are two special delights for this year's light festival. One is the praying activity, which will be quite different from the traditional ones - visitors could print their name and their prayers at the tablets there, and the message will be displayed on the wall of A-Ma Temple; the other is the introduction of somatosensory device, through which the visitors could mimic a butterfly to break a cocoon.

In addition to the shows and activities, visitors could also participate in the "look for fairy" activity, where participants could receive a gift for helping the butterfly fairy find other five elves at the Largo do Senado square.