French photographer captures 'The Blue Moment' of HK

Updated: 2015-12-02 09:41


French photographer captures 'The Blue Moment' of HK

Hong Kong at dusk when the sky takes on a blue tint. Boats are visible between the buildings. [Photo/Sipa]

A French photographer has captured a striking series of images showing Hong Kong at dusk. Romain Jacquet-Lagreze's series of photographs entitled "The Blue Moment" depict an ethereal cityscape where high-rise buildings stand before a backdrop of wilderness and water.

According to the photographer, 'The Blue Moment' is a photographic journey through the city of Hong Kong. Each day at the very last moment of dusk the sky takes on a deep blue tinge which is then reflected by everything. "I have been working on 'The Blue Moment' for around one year. I have been living in Kowloon for many years and I have been fascinated by the madness of its cityscapes with extreme density of population in some parts contrasting with the total wilderness of other areas. In Hong Kong only 30% of the land is developed the rest is all about nature," said Lagreze.

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