Intimate Transgressions: More than just pain

Updated: 2015-10-29 06:05

By He Keyao(

Intimate Transgressions: More than just pain

Fion Gunn, an Irish artist introduces her work Hiroshige Idyll that reflects the suffering and harm of comfort women. Gunn has received substantial awards from the Arts Council of Ireland, Culture Ireland, Crafts Council of Ireland, Cork City Council and Arts Council England for her work in China and the UK. [Photo by He Keyao/]

The exhibition is to tour a string of cities around the world, including Nanjing, Taipei, Paris and London.

"We will take this exhibition to different places and let more and more people see it, but funding is a problem and we need support," said Cunningham.

The exhibition has been reviewed by art critic Holland Cotter in the New York Times, where he wrote: "The scope of the exhibition is, appropriately, global and current".

The exhibition will last until November 1. For more information visit its official website: