Exhibitions you need to see at 'Photo Beijing 2015'

Updated: 2015-10-26 14:10


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Exhibitions you need to see at 'Photo Beijing 2015'

A photograph by US photographer Vivian Maier [Photo/bjipw.cn]

Special exhibition "Moment of Vivian Maier"

Vivian Maier is a famous US street photographer who's considered as a true legend. For most of her life, Maier was a nanny, but a love for photography enabled her to capture American society and city life in the 50s and 60s. Using her camera, she shot beautiful photos of 19th century Chicago and New York. Her photography caught people's attention after her death, and the name Vivian in the photography industry became world-known.

Some say she and her photographs have changed the photography industry. She had taken more than 100,000 photographic plates during her lifetime and only small fractions have been seen so far.