Newspaper criticizes artists' pursuit of quick success 'harmful'

Updated: 2014-10-24 09:18


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A commentary in People's Daily, flagship paper of the Communist Party of China, has criticized artists' pursuit of quick fame and fortune as "harmful".

Newspaper criticizes artists' pursuit of quick success 'harmful'

Xi's speech on arts echoed by renowned artists

Newspaper criticizes artists' pursuit of quick success 'harmful'

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After decades of effort, China is now among the world's largest film producers, TV drama producers and book publishers, lifting Chinese people out of a "cultural barren," said the article under the byline of Ji Dongchong in the newspaper's Wednesday edition.

However, among the "ocean" of songs, novels, films and dramas in recent years, few can stand test of time, it said.

The article was published following Chinese President Xi Jinping's comments on art at a symposium last week.

During his speech, Xi said the status-quo of "quantity over quality" in art has created "a plateau without summits" and led to a cookie-cutter approach in production and consumption.

"Popularity should not necessitate vulgarity and hope should not entail covetousness," Xi said. "Pure sensual entertainment does not equate to spiritual elation."

The commentary said cases of potboiler works earning easy wealth may influence the artists' will to create quality works.

If the artists value commercial success over artistic pursuit, they may generate "junk works", which will harm society's spirit, the commentary said.

It further called on Chinese artists to always cherish their original enthusiasm, entertain a steadfast mind and resist outside temptations in their creative work.